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Product overview

This product for the domestic, heat up, due to the limited number, when taken, please consult customer service whether there is inventory. Harbin in 2013 Mr Loose robot technology co., LTD., officially became America's first big electronic open source hardware giant Sparkfun China area general agent. , HotPot HotPot film potentiometer as Sparkfun original film potentiometer when down according to the different locations in the band, linear change from 100 ohms to 100 ohms resistor which allows users to very accurately calculate the relative location on the sensor. Can be used as nc head positioning, variable user input (volume level input, for example), direct user input (button area into a given resistance), and many other applications of accurate position indicator.


  1. Working voltage:DC5v
  2. length[mm]:100(3.937“)
  3. resistance:10KΩ
  4. Resistance error:≈20%
  5. linear tolerance:≈3%
  6. Working temperature:-40to+85
  7. weight:3g

Method of use

Pin definition

  • S:(Signal)
  • +:(VCC)
  • -:(GND)

S ports from the I/O port of the controller. + and - received power of + 5 v &gnd respectively.

Application of routine

The membrane potential of S ports connect to controller A0 mouth, + 5 v port connect to controller, - port connect to the GND of the controller.

sample code

int softpotPin = A0; 

void setup(){
  digitalWrite(softpotPin, HIGH); 

void loop(){
  int softpotReading = analogRead(softpotPin); 


Application effect

Open the program downloaded to the controller, the Arduino IDE serial port monitor window, put his fingers in the membrane potential of thousands of different positions, will see the watch window output different resistance.

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