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Product overview

Harbin aosong robot technology co., LTD. The latest raspberry pie camera, words you want to get high quality voice input raspberries pie controller? Then use this USB microphone, voice broadcast into the built-in sound card, and then directly into a digital signal through the USB into the computer. The average 3.5 needle microphone are inevitable in the signal transmission signal loss phenomenon. Say goodbye to the traditional 3.5 microphone, let your computer with your distance farther, effectively protect the eyesight. With 360 ° full full point, let you with your family no matter around or before and after the phone can share the fun of online chat. Support the apple computer use.


  1. Working voltage:4.5v
  2. Reduce the sensitivity:-3dB at 1.5V
  3. Frequency response:100~16KHZ
  4. Signal to noise ratio:>-67dB
  5. Line length:0.7~0.9M
  6. weight:50g

Size chart


Method of use

Above the XP system plug and play, automatic screen computer with a built-in microphone sound card (individual computer manually switch will not block only once)

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