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A Bluetooth adaptor is an electric hardware (there is also a software stack which runs on the machine to which adaptor is added) which allows you to add Bluetooth interface and functionality to a product. e.g. for a PC one can add a USB Bluetooth adaptor which can be used to interface with other electronics items like mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets or other PCs. Most of latest phones have Bluetooth functionality built-in which can be used for interfacing with Bluetooth hands-free headsets or other mobile phones or computers.

Technical parameters and performance

  1. Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 2.0
  2. Bluetooth Software and Version: IVT 2.6 software
  3. Support Plug and Play
  4. Working Range: 0—10m
  5. Support File Transfer Service
  6. Support Bluetooth Headset
  7. Support Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard
  8. Support Network Access Service
  9. Support Fax and Printer Service
  10. Support Data Transferring
  11. Weight:26g

using method

Pin definition

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Application Routine

  1. with Bluetooth Headset computer listen to music or interact with MSN/QQ/SKYPE chat;
  2. easily edit the number of the mobile phone ringtone or documents on computer;
  3. PC computer or notebook PC to achieve the CDMA1X/GPRS/3G wireless internet;
  4. information sending and receiving information: computer to the Bluetooth mobile phone to send or receive communications recorded in OUTLOOK;
  5. The Bluetooth mobile phone in theme / picture / sound / file sent to the computer backup;
  6. add / delete / edit mobile phone in picture and sound files in the computer;
  7. use Bluetooth serial port to realize computer and MCU, Basic Stamp 2, Arduino wireless communication.

Sample code

Program effect

Product recommendation

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