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The RB230 radio module provides a simple and economic solution to wireless data communications. The employment of an embedded high speed microprocessor and high performance IC creates a transparent UART/TTL interface, and eliminates any need for packetizing and data encoding.

Technical parameters and performance

  1. transmit power: in power transmission, standard 100mW
  2. modulation: GFSK, half duplex communication
  3. working frequency: 433
  4. sensitivity and range of: high receiving sensitivity of -124dBm, antenna height 2 meters, the open ground without interference up to 1.5km
  5. working current: emission current less than 120mA, transmit power up to 20dB; receives the working current of less than 30mA and sleep current <5uA
  6. communication ability: standard 8 channel
  7. communication rate: 1.2kbps -57.6kbps
  8. working voltage range: 2.6V-6.5V, rated working voltage: 5V

using method

Pin definition


Module and customer device connection line description (TTL interface, 232 interface, 485 interface)

Serial number Pin identification Pin definition Subscriber terminal connection
1 GND Power source Ground
2 VCC Power supply cathode Power supply
3 EN Sleep control pin, high level (suspended) sleep, low level (ground) normal operation Sleep control pin (resting mode, normal mode)
4 RXD Serial data receiving end TXD
5 TXD Serial data sending end RXD
6 AUX IO output pin Customer customization
7 SET Set foot Active low level

Application Routine

RB-230 module test

We use the Arduino controller to do a test, the need to use the hardware device is as follows:

  1. controller Arduino * 1
  2. The Arduino sensor expansion board * 1
  3. module RB-230 * 2
  4. USB TTL * 1
  5. USB data communication line x 1
  6. power adapter * 1
  7. DuPont line 1P * 8

Note: the wireless module and the customer's products when the attention ground connection, need to be shared, or the module may not work properly.
First, the code is compiled and downloaded to the Arduino. And then, as shown in figure, use the DuPont line to connect the RB-230 to the Arduino sensor board APC220 interface and USB to the TTL. Finally, to the controller, the USB to the TTL is connected to the computer.

Sample code

int A=0;

void setup()
void loop()
    if(Serial.available() > 0)
      if(Serial.read() == 'A')
//        delay(1000);
        Serial.println("Ladies and");
//        delay(1000);

Program effect

After the completion of the above steps, open the computer's device manager to view the USB TTL COM. Then, open the serial debugging assistant (or Aeduino ide of the monitor window), COM port settings for now we see; set to 9600 baud. Finally send the letter "A" to see the monitor window, if the module works properly should show the content as "Hello! And Gentlemen Ladies!"

Product recommendation

Buy address:RB230 Radio Communication Module

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