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Product overview

RB - 15 pg is aosong robot introduced the latest generation of special robot servo steering gear, the internal use of brush motor for dc hollow cup motor, no iron rotor internal use, high energy conversion efficiency, stability and reliability of the operation of the activated brake fast response speed, and adaptive ability and less electromagnetic interference, compared with the same power of motor iron core of small volume, light weight; Use conductive plastic potentiometer feedback servo potentiometer, its accuracy and wear-resisting degree is greatly superior to line rao potentiometer; Motor control integrated circuit (IC) adopts digital chip and power switch of H bridge circuit, voltage control bipolar drive way has faster response speed, no reaction zone is small, high positioning accuracy, the advantages of the good compatibility, strong anti-jamming capability model aircraft areas beyond the traditional steering gear is more suitable for robot and a wide range of applications.


  1. weight:9g
  2. size:22.3 mmx 11.8mm x 26.3mm
  3. No-load operation speed:0.12s/60°(4.8V);0.1s/60°(6.0V)
  4. Locked-rotor torque:1.3kg·cm(4.8V);1.5kg·cm(6.0V)
  5. The use of temperature:-30~+60℃
  6. Dead zone set:4um
  7. Working voltage:4.8V~6V
  8. Steering gear control:PWM,Pulse width 500us~2500us,cycle20ms
  9. Rotation Angle:0~180°

Method of use


Steering gear size chart

Figure 15 pg steering gear size


Note: the figure are all manual measuring size, hard to avoid has error, for reference only.

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