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Product introduction

Mini DC Gear Motor is a cost-effective, high usability and quality motor produced by Robotbase. It can be used for program-controlled tracing robot car and wheel robot and also can do PWM control, speed measurement combining Arduino-compatible controller and DC Motor driver.

Technical parameters and performance

  1. Gear ratios: 100:1
  2. No-load speed (3V): 120RPM
  3. No-load speed (6V): 240RPM
  4. No-load current (3V): 40mA
  5. No-load current (6V): 70mA
  6. Block running current (3V): 390mA
  7. Block running current (3V): 680mA
  8. Torque size (3V): 3200mg x cm
  9. Torque size (6V): 5500mg x cm
  10. Size: 70.50 mm x 27.00 mm x 23.00 mm
  11. Weight: about 30g

Dimensional drawing

Zhi liu dian ji 01.png

Application examples

4WD Aluminum Mobile Robot Car


Video Tour

4wd ding ju 01.png
4wd zhen ce.png

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Purchase link

Mini DC Gear Motor for 4WD Mobile Car Chassis

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