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Product introduction

Here, for all your mechatronic needs, is a simple, high quality continuous RB-431 360-rotation servo motor. A standard 3-pin power and control cable is attached and all hardware shown is included.

Technical parameters and performance

  1. Control System: +Pulse Width Control 1500usec Neutral
  2. Operating Voltage: 4.8—6.0 Volts
  3. Operating Temperature Range: 0 to +60 Degree C
  4. Operating Speed (4.8V): 0.17sec/60° at no load
  5. Operating Speed (6.0V): 0.40sec/60° at no load
  6. Stall Torque:(4.8V): 2.9kg?cm ;(6.0V):4.6kg?cm
  7. Current Drain (4.8V): 7.6mA/idle and 160mA no load operating
  8. Current Drain (6.0V): 7.9mA/idle and 190mA no load operating
  9. Connector Wire Length: 300mm
  10. Dimensions: 40.2mm x 20.2mm x 43.2mm

Dimensional drawing

RB-431 Servo Motor dimensional drawing

Su liao chi duo ji 01.png

Note: All dimensional drawings are manual measured, used for reference only. It should be considered that a margin of error is inevitable.

Interface definition


Methods of use

Required hardware

  • Carduino UNO controller *1
  • RB-15PG Micro Servo Motor *1
  • USB Cable *1
  • Jumper Wire

Sample Code

Connect the servo motor to the pin D9 of Carduino UNO controller, wire properly according to the servo pin diagrams and download the program to Carduino UNO controller.

#include <Servo.h> 
Servo myservo;  //创建一个舵机控制对象
                          // 使用Servo类最多可以控制8个舵机
int pos = 0;    // 该变量用与存储舵机角度位置
void setup() 
  myservo.attach(9);  // 该舵机由arduino第九脚控制
void loop() 
  for(pos = 0; pos < 180; pos += 1)  // 从0度到180度运动 
  {                                                     // 每次步进一度
    myservo.write(pos);        // 指定舵机转向的角度
    delay(15);                       // 等待15ms让舵机到达指定位置
  for(pos = 180; pos>=1; pos-=1)   //从180度到0度运动  
    myservo.write(pos);         // 指定舵机转向的角度 
    delay(15);                        // 等待15ms让舵机到达指定位置 

Application effect

The servo motor will turn back and forth from 0°to 180.

Video Tour

Duo ji dui bi01.png
RB65PG 01.png

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