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Product introduction

RB-897DMG Waterproof Servo Motor is the latest generation of full metal teeth large torque angle range of underwater robots dedicated servo motor produced by Harbin Alseon Robotics Technology Co., Ltd.For its internaluse of coreless brush DC motor, the internal use of non-iron rotor, with energy conversion high efficiency, activating the brake fast response, reliable operation stability, strong adaptability and less electromagnetic interference, etc., with the same power as compared to the core motor small size, light weight; steering feedback potentiometer with a conductive plastic potentiometer , a degree of accuracy and wear much better than the spare wire potentiometer; motor control IC (IC) chip and digital power switch H-bridge circuit composed of a voltage mode control having a bipolar drive the reaction faster, no reaction zone small-scale, high positioning accuracy, anti-interference ability and good compatibility advantages over traditional steering is more suitable for the field of robotics and widely used in model aircraft.

Technical parameters and performance

  1. Control System:+Pulse Width Control 1500usec Neutral
  2. Operating Speed (6V):0.13sec/60°at no load
  3. Current Drain (4.5V):5mA/idle current and 280mA Runnig current
  4. Current Drain (6V):5mA/idle current and 350mA Runnig current
  5. Connector Wire Length:300mm
  6. Weight size:75g
  7. Sizes:40.4mm × 19.9mm × 37.5mm
  8. Operating voltage:4.5V-6V
  9. Operating temperature:-10 ℃ -60 ℃
  10. No-load speed:0.15 seconds / 60 degrees (4.5); 0.13 seconds / 60 degrees (6V)
  11. Torque size:13Kg · cm (5V) 15KG · cm (6V)
  12. Dead zone settings:10us
  13. Diving depth:4m
  14. Attachment:round helm, the word rudder angle, rudder angle cross, flower word rudder angle, half-width, fastening screws, shockproof rubber, copper sleeve, self-tapping screws fixing the helm.

Dimensional drawing

RB-897DMG Waterproof Servo Motor dimensional drawing


Note: All dimensional drawings are manual measured, used for reference only. It should be considered that a margin of error is inevitable.

Pin definition


Methods of use

Required hardware

Hardware Connection

  • Connect the Digital Push Button Sensor to pin D4 and D5 of controller via jumper wires on sensor expansion board.
  • Connect the servo motor to pin D9 of UNO controller by using the expansion board.
  • Use the adapter to feed UNO controller.

Sample Code

#include <Servo.h>
const int button1 = 4;
const int button2 = 5;
Servo myservo ;
void setup() {
void loop() {
  }// put your main code here, to run repeatedly:

Application effect

Push "button1" rotate the gear servo motor 70 degrees, push "button 2" will rotate the motor 180 degrees on full operating speed.

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